We love love! It's really as simple as that ... 

I am humbled by the amount of love, trust, and gratitude our clients give us for our talent and hard work here at Jenn Ocken Photography. As the owner of JOP, I can sincerely say I have an outstanding and committed team. Most of my team members and staff have been with me for at least five years and some have been working with me for over 10 years!

Much like a family we depend on each other’s talent, inspiration, critiques, and encouragement to be better than the day before, both professional and personal. Together you can find us hanging out at tailgates, parades, exhibits, or at one of the infamous Holiday Hump Day Parties. We are in each others weddings; we at dinner together, we take each other's photos, we help fix things, bounce ideas off each other and we laugh A LOT together and at each other.

We know we can rely on each other, so yeah it's definitely a family here at JOP!




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    Jenn Ocken - Lead Photographer

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    { Jenn's Gallery }

    "Let yourself be silently drawn to the pull of what you really love" - Rumi

    BOY did I stumble onto my purpose the first time I ever picked up a camera at 15 yrs old  in 1991! I totally was inspired by two of my (4) older brothers, who, at the time were just beginning their careers as professional photographers. I never really put the camera down, even though I wasn't setting out to be a professional photographer during my college career. My degree from Ball State University in Muncie, IN was in Graphic Arts with a minor in Business Administration. It wasn't until I moved to Arkansas to work for one of my photog brothers that I realized that this was my calling! ... that was in 2001 and I haven't looked back since! 


    My photo approach I think reflect me very well! I seek to find in all my assignments ...

    • the blessings expressed by the excitement of a loud laugh
    • the endearing eyes that speak of peace that can hit your soul
    • those sweet tears of joy welling up inside before they hit the cheeks
    • the intimate look of a cherished embrace
    • the sweet smile that says “I am exactly where I want to be always,”
    • and AHHHH that moment right before the lips touch and you can see light shining as it blesses the kiss. SO GOOD! 


    LOVE is always available, and it has an amazing story to tell us. This LOVE is the fine art of life. And I can to tell you that I have a blast capturing it. Always have ... always will! 

    I look forward meeting the ones you hold close 



    Josh Mott - Lead Photographer
    "Our hands and minds, legs and mouths, eyes and ears, arms and feet were all made with purpose, and though you may never find that exact purpose, it is your obligation to yourself and God to search for it, and to search endlessly for a perfection that, though you will never achieve it, you MUST seek. This is faith. This is spirituality."

    We all have our different visions of the world around us, and we all have our own means of sharing our views, ideas, and passions with everyone around us. Some folks draw and paint. Others write poems and extensive novels, while others compose music. For me it's photography. When I have a statement to make, when I find what attracts me, when the "decisive moment" occurs and I respond to the environment around me, I turn to my camera. Over the years photography has taught me to slow down and observe what is around me, rather than drifting through my day to day life.

    In the words of master photographer Dorothea Lange, " The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” I feel this is one of the biggest gifts photography has given me.

    My wife Brittany and I live in Lacombe, LA where we are happily raising our son, Holton, as well as our wide array of pets (currently 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 turtles, with plans to add a group of chickens and a goat in the near future). I have one brother who is ten years younger than me, a plethora of cousins, and a small group of close friends who are more like family.

    I tend to come across as quiet and reserved until you get to know me, then I never stop talking (just ask Jenn).  In my free time I like being outdoors, taking long drives (like multi-state roadtrips) and exploring new places, crafting custom furniture, and watching my young son grow every day. Side note: this summer I may or may not experiment with my own homemade Muscadine wine.......

    More about Josh via Jenn:

    Josh is awesome to be around. His wit and sense of spirit makes most moments with him full of laughter. His one-liners get me every time. I mean we can be working and he is seriously focused on his subject anticipating and moving into the perfect position for the next ... then in passing, out of the blue he delivers a line that makes you chuckle and he never misses a step and nails the shot! He is one of those people that remind you that life should be fun! 

    I enjoy Josh's appreciation for life! You can see it most in his love for his family and it reflects so intimately in his photography.  I respect his ability to balance his time between his family and his career. Josh has been with the JOP team since 2008 and I am so grateful he blesses our clients with his awesome talent and great spirit!

    My favorite quote by Josh while working on one of our first shoots together way back when: "Jenn, I am more than just eye candy!" Yes you are, Josh Mott, and you prove that to me every time we work together! THANKS! 


    James Peck - Lead Photographer

    { James's Gallery } 

    "My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport." -Steve McCurry

    James Peck is a commercial/portrait photographer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  James received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Louisiana State University in the Summer of 2008.  Since then he has photographed Weddings, Portraits, Events and Fine Art Images. Still an avid event and portrait photographer James was drawn to the light, lines and details found in Architectural Photography and began focusing his creativity through this field.

    More about James via Jenn:

    James has been shooting for Jenn Ocken Photography since I moved to Baton Rouge in 2007.  I reached out to Tom Neff, director of the LSU fine art photography department in search of interns and second shooters. James was the first person to give me a call. When we met and I checked out his portfolio I knew he was my second shooter immediately.  I was that impressed by his style and the emotion he captured in his images. Now years later after his graduation from LSU he has ventured in to cinematography and fortunately has stayed a part of the JOP team.

    Not only is he a talented experienced photographer; he is a kind soul and gem to be around. He has been shooting weddings for JOP more since 2008 and understands the value of staying calm and brings peace to the day. Staying in line with the JOP standard of custom service, he is available to chat on the phone or with clients to make them feel comfortable about how the day will be captured and the timeline of events happening throughout the day. He also values the natural flow of the day, capturing reactions and emotions, telling a true documentary story of your celebration. His polite courteous manner allows his subject to feel at ease while in front of his camera. I love sharing James’ talent with JOP clients, as well as, receiving his set of pictures to share with them.


    Meet Jenn's two brothers - Bob Ocken and Chris Ocken

    So yes Jenn comes from a family of photographers. Out of five siblings three of them are professional photographers and have combined experience of over 30 years in the industry. Her oldest brother Bob started Ocken Photography in Little Rock, AR shortly after he graduated college. He was a free lance photographer following at the time Governor of Arkansas, President Bill Clinton as he plans his run for the White House. Saying OK to shooting a wedding as long as I can tell the story of your day! And that's where the Ocken Photography documenting style of wedding was born. Jenn learned so much from working with Bob at his Little Rock office for the four years of her career. Chris also another free lancer photographer, has also been photographing a well-know politician, Gov. Mike Huckabee for the past 20 years and traveling with him to Israel yearly! Chris is now a photographer in Chicago and also available for weddings and portraits. 

    You can check out their portfolios www.OckenPhotography.com




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    Everything from pro-photo-tips to the best
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