Creating a Better Portrait Experience!

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Who doesn't love having great portraits of their family?

A portrait session isn't always about the final outcome though.

The experience is half of the fun!

Below are our favorite tips to help you create a better portrait experience.

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Some great tips from a JOP mom:

1. Use the same photographer every year. Your kids will become comfortable with them and it will show! You don't want your kids to have to get comfortable with someone new all over again.

2. Make sure your kids love their outfits! Buy them a new pair of shoes or something they will be excited to show off in their photos! A child not happy in their clothes will not be happy in their photos! 

Abney Family Portrait JOP_7432.CR2
2015 © Jenn Ocken Photography

Enjoy some more tips, below, to get you and your family photo ready! 

3. Be prepared to capture special off-guard moments happening where the action is not. There is always so much happening and picture perfect moments are all around!
Fahr Family Portrait JOP_1077.CR2
2014 © Jenn Ocken Photography



4. When taking your fall portraits, don't be afraid to get creative with backgrounds and poses. Also, don't be afraid to get a little dirty and throw some leaves around! It's nice to let loose during a session, especially at the end!!
Pickens Family Portrait JOP_7388.CR2
2013 © Jenn Ocken Photography


5. When taking portraits with others, be open-minded! Good ideas come in all shapes and size from all family members!
Kissam Family Portrait JOP_4310.CR2
2014 © Jenn Ocken Photography


6. Relax your shoulders and push them slightly back. Your body language will relay a welcoming openness in the picture. Take deep breaths throughout the whole session. This not only calms you, but it calms the kids around you.
Murphy Family Portrait JOP_5435.CR2
2014 © Jenn Ocken Photography

7. And most importantly... a
lways let your enjoyment show through! Have fun! Don't be afraid to pick up the kiddos and toss them in there air. Give your spouse a sweet kiss on the cheek. Engage in one another, this always brings out the true love and emotions of the family. 

We are capturing the fine art of YOUR life, so show it off!
Deegan Family Portrait JOP_5610.CR2
2014 © Jenn Ocken Photography

Dates to remember:
The last day to TAKE fall portraits specifically for photo cards is DECEMBER 6, 2015
The last day to ORDER holiday photo cards is DECEMBER 17, 2015
**anything ordered AFTER December 17, 2015, a RUSH FEE will be applied**

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