Masks to support Hurricane Relief efforts for our Coastal States. 
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{ Pre-Sale & Free Shipping ends Monday, September 21st & the price increases to $22 each }

Man, what a year this has been for us dealing with the layers of COVID; social life is restricted, extra time being spent on virtual school or transiting back to work or working from home, and shuffling schedules to keep everyone safe. Now many are dealing with the devastations the hurricanes have brought to our coastal states! It might be hard to find the time or ways to also give to our neighbors and family that need extra support! It’s bittersweet to feel like we dodge not one but two bullets here in South Central Louisiana but it doesn’t come without heartbreak. And when one is effected we really are all affected! 

In the light after the recent storms that have hit our families and friends in the areas around Lake Charles, East Texas, in Alabama, and NW Florida, us here at Jenn Ocken Photography have decided to sell masks, keeping everyone safe from COVID and give all the proceeds from the sales of these mask to hurricane relief efforts that will fund the people and families in these areas directly.  

If you have any questions please contact us at 225-590-3731 or Jenn directly at [email protected]

About the masks:

* Lightweight breathable wicking fabric helps reduce sweat and quick-drying materials taking advantage of the body’s natural cooling mechanism to evaporate moisture away from the skin. It’s a double-layered and machine washable with openings on both sides to insert filters. (filters not included)

* Mask comes in Adult or Youth sizes. 

* You will receive FREE shipping with the pre-sale of these masks and they are estimated to ship in 3-4 weeks! 



One day a good friend and her daughter were visiting Jenn and dogs! The daughter expressed how excited she was for it to be a “dog day” and the design was born! Jenn reflected on being blessed that every day is a “dog day” for her and her trusting sidekick, Little Bob! So, of course, he had to make his cameo on the mask too! Jenn explains "He is with me on most assignments and under my desk every day literally grounding me through this craptastic year we are all making our way through. I LOVE THIS DOG!"

 Yay! Dog Day Mask 







One of her favorite things to come out of the Covid19 and the stay at home ordinance earlier this year (other than The Front Porch Project!) is her newest hashtag #SMILEforJennJenn. The Front Porch Project Group took a vote and this was the winner! She has had a vision for a graphic for some time on for a mask. And after a busy beach season, she finally had time to connect with her beautiful friend, Kelli Billings, who came through with a great design! We hope it makes you smile! 

 #SMILEforJennJenn Mask