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  • Are you looking for a something (anything) that will support your idea while you gain momentum and notoriety for your unique talent, craft, or innovative business concept?
  • Want to create a stable foundation for consistent growth?
  • Are you looking for a better understanding of which tools you need in order to keep the momentum flowing so your ideas reach your target market effectively and your financial and life goals are met?
  • Need help holding strong to your values while creating a loyal target market?
  • Are you searching for a creative environment where you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each new turn?  


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2015 © Jenn Ocken Photography

I am Jenn Ocken, a Creative who has crushed the starving artist myth and making a living while maintaining an authentic representation of myself and the art I create. For the last 15 plus years I’ve followed my dreams of developing a photography business . . . and during this time I realized that many Creatives (even if they went to a university for their craft) don’t have a foundation that will lead them through a success path to venturing into the real world. A new, inspired thought came to me to offer mentorship and support; all based on my years of experience in growing a creative career and branding a business. Using that same creative drive, I built a three-series course which will give you more time to pursue your passion, stay authentic to the space you create, and develop your best work . . . you know, the inspirations you get behind when you decide to venture out and start working for yourself.  


If you have an idea for a niche business but you don’t have the whole foundation package, or you are unsure how to pursue your artistic vision as a career, then you need this course!

3 Part THrivSeries - Live Classes with Q&A

DROP DOWN for AUGUST Live Online Classes - 1st / 8th / 15th @ 6:30 PM (CT)



Together, we will evaluate the working platforms you already have in place or start from scratch if you have nothing but a burning desire to expand your talent(s) into new arenas. We will fan the creative flames burning inside you; build up your creative force for future target audience.  

I have created a course that will lead you through the process of developing a foundation using the same inspiration that birthed your fresh business idea and/or help put in place building blocks if your biz plan is still in the “idea” stage.



I am offering my course to Creatives like you who are ready to step up and let me teach you live one-on-one! In return for taking the course, I will be asking for feedback, the option to possibly use parts or all class recordings as teaching tools once the community is active, and for further development of the THriv Community. To get this one on one attention once the website goes live, it will be at least a $1500 value. YES NOW is the time to buy! 

Let me be honest here: I don’t have a magical formula, but I DO know artistic success doesn’t have to be all hard work. I can directly credit my financial stability and creative flow to the very foundation I am teaching you! And once the online community is launched in Fall 2017, the price for one-on-one teaching will increase to a minimum $300 per hour.

I hope you join me during this pre-launch period before the THriv magic comes alive in the online THriv Community in Fall 2017. It’s a fun, unique, diverse, real place to be!



To get your extra FREEbie Perk:
One hour private phone call with Jenn! (a $300 value FREE!)


BUY NOW: 3 Part THrivSeries - Live Classes with Q&A

DROP DOWN for AUGUST Live Online Classes - 1st / 8th / 15th @ 6:30 PM (CT)


Each class is $60 for a total of $180, which will be paid in full to secure your space. You must commit to all three classes with no refunds for missed classes. (You’ll be able to join the the other online classes in August for any make-ups or wait until the class is posted online.) You will be able to review all the classes online as a member of the THriv Community at any time as long as you are an active member.

(Zoom is free to use as a class participant). You will receive an email with links and directions for joining each week’s meeting.



  1. LeanIN exercises – An actionable three-part plan to help you organize your week, set yourself up to successfully meet goals, and obtaining your flow.
  2. Outline to the THrivSeries (three-part course)
  3. Class Material/PDFs
  4. Free three-month online community subscription once website goes live.
  5. Live Q&A after each lesson.
  6. Three – five lessons in each class of the THrivSeries. 
  7. And if you sign up NOW you’ll get a one-hour private phone call with Jenn for FREE!

3 Part THrivSeries - Live Classes with Q&A

DROP DOWN for AUGUST Live Online Classes - 1st / 8th / 15th @ 6:30 PM (CT)