Senior Portraits at the Beach!!!

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Brown / McCraney Family Beach JOP_7537.CR2
2014 © Jenn Ocken Photography


Summer is so close! It’s about to be a whole new class of seniors! So it’s time to start planning, Class of 2017!


What are you going to do for your senior portraits?! What can you do to stand out from your friends?!  


JOP knows these days students are rebelling against the usual over-used poses and traditional backgrounds! We are too!! So let’s shake some things up! And feel the sand between our toes!


Meet Jenn at the BEACH this summer for your one of kind senior portraits!! Use that golden tan, the beautiful falling sun, the amazing blue waters, the character filled boardwalks and timeless sand dunes to create classic fun in the sun filled photo session!


Let’s make this senior year one to remember by starting off the celebration at the BEACH!!


Call the office TODAY to schedule! 225-590-3731

Lemoine Family Beach 2012_IMG_1445.CR2 Lemoine Family Beach 2012_IMG_1495.CR2 Lemoine Family Beach 2012_IMG_1549.CR2 Lemoine Family Beach 2012_IMG_1623.CR2 Ocken, Emma_2013_IMG_3220.CR2
2013 © Jenn Ocken Photography
Ocken, Emma_2013_IMG_3315.CR2
2013 © Jenn Ocken Photography
Ocken, Emma_2013_IMG_3564.CR2
2013 © Jenn Ocken Photography
Bormann, JoAnna IMG_3895.CR2Bormann Grad Portrait 2012 IMG_3895.jpgCrawford Family_IMG_3895.jpg

2013 © Jenn Ocken Photography
Lemoine Family Beach 2012_IMG_8297.CR2 Lemoine Family Beach 2012__MG_0599.CR2 Lemoine Family Beach 2012__MG_0628.CR2 Lemoine Family Beach 2012__MG_0673.CR2 Lemoine Family Beach 2012__MG_0687.CR2 Lemoine Family Beach 2012__MG_0702.CR2 Bormann, JoAnna _MG_4094.CR2Bormann Grad Portrait 2012 _MG_4094.jpgCrawford Family__MG_4094.jpg

2013 © Jenn Ocken Photography
Bormann, JoAnna _MG_4213.CR2Bormann Grad Portrait 2012 _MG_4213.jpgCrawford Family__MG_4213.jpg

2013 © Jenn Ocken Photography



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