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Louisiana Sneaux 2017

December 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So we all know it snowed yesterday in Louisiana!
And ... it was BEAUTIFUL!

Being from the midwest and moving from Chicago, IL I came to Louisiana ten years ago. So it's easy to say I know snow!

I learned to drive in it; I know what it is like to get an expected quality amount of snow over night, just to wake up early hoping for a school delay to hear on the radio how great the city employees got the roads cleared just in time for the kids to make it to school! The possibility of a delay was about the ONE thing that could get me up early as a teenager! And you read right ONLY A DELAY - two hours at best!

School closings were the rarest thing in my world to pretty much nonexistent, especially in collage! I remember walking through campus with about 3-5 five layers still freezing with piles of snow towering at least a story high over my head as I walk to a 6am shift to lifeguard lap swimmers. WHO SWIMS WHEN IT SNOWS!? Yeah it was in inside, but seriously it's toooo cold for that! Northerners like their swim even when it's -20 degrees! 

So when it snows in Louisiana it's like all my dreams from when I was a kid comes true! Canceling school at the thought of snow ... never in my world! Also with Louisiana snow ... 

  • There won't be caked layers of dried ice on my car tomorrow

  • NOR piles of dirty street snow where the trucks plowed it off to the side so day to day could continue

  • OR those days when the afternoons are just warm enough to melt most of the snow for it  only to freeze at night again leaving a nice little slip trap on the back porch steps. Not even the layers of clothes I piled on for warmth would be enough padding to cushion the "banana slip" slow motion "NOOOOO" just before your tailbone hits the ice covered steps. And all you were trying to do is see if you need to put some damn salt down to melt the ice. 

  • AND NOOOOOO SHOVELING OF SNOW! <<< The worst chore ever!

  • AND I used a blanket to wipe (not scraper) the get the snow off my car!

You see snow in Louisiana is amazing for most of us who grew up dreading the winters. Yesterday's site reminded me of the elegant and beauty of raw snow fall. The snow flakes were huge and fell with out wind or sleet or salt or having to go on with your day to day even though it is (-)25˚outside!

 { It was magical! }

Louisianan’s get to experience a city without a snow plan with salt trucks and plows! I do know the complications to this but it allows us to embrace the elegance of untouched snow and the awesomeness of the "we think it's going to snow so EVERYTHING is closed down for the next day" plan and waking up to see if a wintery white scene we anticipated actually happened. 

And when it does, like yesterday, it covers everything you know untouched and perfect! It might be all gone in an hour, but there’s no salt, no dirty snow, and the best part schools are closed and most of the city! My sixteen-year-old-self still gets excited when she hears school is canceled, although she is confused on the silly spelling most do around here! - Don't worry she will soon learn the ways of Louisiana and make it her own! And her 41-year-old-self is grateful.


I took full advantage photographing a beautiful Louisiana Bayou scene as the snow was falling! It wasn’t too cold, it was beautiful and I truly enjoyed the first and probably last snowfall of the season ... probably the for maybe another few seasons. The last snow fall I can remember here in South Louisiana was about five or so years ago! 

Enjoy the photos I took yesterday … And I hope everyone enjoyed their Sneaux Day! 

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And here are a few of my pups! Eddie (in the red jacket) is also a midwest transplant like his mom! He was excited to see snow again after so many years! It was Little Bob's first snow! He wasn't and still isn't quite sure what to think! He just doesn't get it! But he did find some grass! 



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