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How to Pick Outfits For Your Family Beach Portraits

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Be JOP Inspired! So you and your family have scheduled portraits with a photographer!

A lot of the time, planning what you're going to wear can be stressful and overshadow the fun of the actual portrait session. JOP is here to make it a little easier in choosing outfits that best reflect your family's style and personality!

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Southern Classic style tends to include monogrammed outfits, matching materials, and making a statement with your oversized bow! Choosing soft pastel colors is always a winner with a beach scene! Don't forget to avoid necklines that are high maintenance and might show unwanted undergarments.



Red, White, and BEACH! Nautical themed prints and primary colors are perfect options for your 4th of July beach photography session. It's always best to choose clothing that best resembles your family’s personality and makes everyone feel the most comfortable.



For your portraits, be open-minded to color! Accessories are a great way to add personality to your look. Jewelry can be used in any color scheme, and prints are a great way to express your personality.



Thinking about the background of your portrait location can be your starting point of what colors to wear. We LOVE the navy blue against the dark greens of a natural outdoor setting!



Choosing solids over patterns is good when there are larger groups or older kids with age gaps. This helps the smaller children stand out in the group shots of everyone. These can be primary colors, complimentary colors, pastels, or neutrals!



We love a great casual look! Neutral colors that compliment the surroundings of your portrait are always a classic, polished way to express your family's style. This look is simple yet sophisticated!



Letting go of a cohesive, matching theme and letting the kids choose outfits that feel most comfortable in can result in expressing their true personalities. Feel free to get fun and funky to express yourselves!




There's always the classic white and khaki look! Don't be afraid to mix it up and maybe find a khaki dress or white linen shorts to keep from everyone looking the exact same. This gives individuality while keeping with the traditional beach look. Be true to your style and think about how you want these photos to look 20 years from now.


P.S. Always do a double check of your hair right before the session. Bring a brush or hairspray just in case! Also make sure you don't have anything in your pockets. Things that will leave an impression such as phone, glasses, wallets, etc. will draw attention to your backside! Don't forget to bring water and dry snacks (crackers, pretzels, cheerios, etc.) and baby wipes are better for runny noses than tissues!

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