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Calling all Musicians, Visual Artists, Performing Artists, and Bands of all genres!

Have you been needing to update your head shots or been wanting new promotional pictures? YES!!?! Well then, we have THE DEAL of the year for you! 

For Immediate Release: Jenn Ocken Photography is excited to announce we have teamed up the amazing Jordan Hefler Photography and with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge to raise awareness and funds for the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge's Creative Relief Efforts. If you are an artist of any type affected by the flood or interested in knowing more about the relief fund you can see the full details and the website link below. 

Portrait Sessions will be held ALL DAY on Sunday, September 11th with the options open to utilize the great early morning light, through out the day and the falling sunset, as well, interesting night photography. Photos will be take around JOP office at 7384 Highland Rd in Baton Rouge.

Jenn and Jordan will be separately scheduling portrait sessions with artist in 15 minute intervals. Each 15 minute interval is billed at $25 each. AND 100% of the money received for theses sessions will be donated back to the Creative Relief Efforts and are 100% tax deductible for you! Call Jess at the JOP office (225-590-3731) to schedule your portrait session with the photographer of your choice.

There are several very different options in and around the JOP office on Highland Rd. You can book just a 15 minute session or book 2 hours or more!  You will just be billed for every 15 minute you schedule with us. For example an hour session is $100 total. Feel free to please contact us with any questions and to check availability for either Jenn or Jordan.

The different setting options:

  • Bayou
  • Over grown field that will give a feel of being out in the wilderness
  • A natural cove created by the trees and natural vegetation
  • Large crumbly parking lot
  • Huge old full oak tree
  • Brickwalls
  • A cool breeze way with killer light
  • Stairs
  • A manicured court yard
  • Even a little 20 plot cemetery
  • A fairly clean office complex dumpster (just saying as a different options)
  • Yoga Studio with clean wood floors, white walls, vaulted ceiling with good available and studio lighting

Other valuable details:

  • Two bathrooms to change and get ready.
  • Air conditioned office to arrive early and wait for scheduled session time. 
  • Your session fee is 100% Tax deductible and all checks need to be made out to The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge. Or we can take cash and get you a receipt. 
  • You will receive printable and promotional usage rights and the ability to download high resolution files from an online gallery .
  • 3 week turnaround on portrait sessions.

Click here to inquire about booking your session with Jordan or Jenn

Details explaining the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge
Creative Relief Efforts: Taken directly from 

With devastating flooding having swept through South Louisiana, thousands of families, individuals, have lost their homes and belongings.  Artists, in particular, have been personally and professionally devastated.   With significant lost to property, artists in our area are without spaces to rehearse, work, and perform, and have lost dance shoes, musical instruments, canvases, paint, and many other supplies and equipment.  

Through Creative Relief, the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge identifies artists who have lost or incurred damage to address their needs and provide replacement materials. Financial contributions to Creative Relief help artists with immediate assistance in their time of need, and as they rebuild in the affected area.  Donations need not be designated though donors may designate funds to a specific arts genre.

Meet your Dynamic Duo Photo Woman!

Jordan and Jenn have been long time photo buddies ever since Jordan was a JOP intern a few years ago!

Jordan has since spread her wings started her very own photog company and made a beautiful name for herself, especially in the music industry! She is a consistent shooter for

 Jenn is a long time music photographer who recently released a book in 2015 about the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN and music images can be found at

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